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Friday, November 19, 2004


There is much to say about community. I am by no means an expert on the topic, however, throughout this semester I have been struggling through the idea of community and how it is possible in our world. Is the model of the first century Church a plausible goal? Is it one that should be pursued? and if it is pursued, is it possible? Through my studies of this I have been lead to one answer. Absolutely.

We are given a model in Acts and throughout the rest of Scripture. The community was one where all was shared with anyone who was in need; they prayed regularly together; they ate meals and broke bread together remebering hrist's sacrifice for us on the cross; they met in homes and discussed the grace which had been poured out over them; and they went out and spread that message of hope to everybody.

As I rummaged through all these characteristics of the Church I began to see a community that I have been a part of for many years that fits the description of this community. It is a singing group called Undivided, and although not all the years were "glory" days, its developeent has become a community where nothing is our own and everything is shared whenever needed. I realized this when my car broke down. One of the members lent me her car. Another member lent her his car. And when another car was needed we all switched cars. This may seem trivial, but they saw a frustration and a need and rather than sitting back and marveling at the unfortunate circumstance, they stood together to help me and each other out.

In addition to that instance, I have noticed that we have not been a singing group for quite a long time. We may have started off that way, but our relationships to each other, rooted in Christ and our love for praising him, brought us closer together in a deeply spiritual way. With weekly meetings and constant prayer and regular meals with each other, Undivided has developed a community which very closely resembles that model of the Church.

With wonder and awe I thank God for creating in us the ability to live true faithful lives with relationships as deep as these rooted in him; and for the refection of His face we can see in our community.


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