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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Rainy London Town

I try to limit my updates on this blog to issues concerning God's activity in my life, or should I say my activity in God's life...but to not comment on the happenings in London would be, quite honestly, stupid. It's difficult to express the feelings and thoughts that run through your mind when you wake up to a cryptic message like "Terrorists have bombed London". The images that ran through my mind were of the worst case scenario and I naively let out a sigh of relief when I heard, early in the morning, that there were only 2 confirmed deaths. Reality sinks in when the numbers increase and you realize those dumb thoughts you have and never really share with people. I, on the other hand, post them online.

I do have to make a confession that I get emotionally involved when I hear words of encouragement and promise from the world leaders, and to hear Tony Blair and President Bush make their statements to the people of London awakens something deep inside...I think its a glimmer of hope that God IS actually working in the world and that sometimes tragedies can bring people together. The call, however, becomes what will we, the Followers of Christ in the world, do with these moments when love and protection is needed most? We make statements like, "We need to stand together," and "Our resolve will not falter" but I want the Christians in the world to stop making these statements and not following through on them.

The One Campaign is great..and it is easy to sign a petition and think we're doing something for the world, but now is our moment to put action behind those hopeful words and signatures.


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