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Thursday, May 25, 2006

finale week

I am sure that everyone has experienced one of those days that feel like they will never end. Mine started on Monday. It ended on Wednesday night. After a few very meaningful moments and conversations with some friends who care so much about me this is what I've been learning:

God is here and He is with us.

When you're in a lake and its nighttime and you can't see what is underneath you and you prefer it that way, daytime isn't bad, even if it exposes the monsters waiting to attack you just below.

a storyl: "[There was] a man [who Baba, a Bishop] knew, who
felt called into ministry, and so decided to go to seminary. After
being at seminary for a few months he went to Baba exultant saying
that he used to struggle with temptations, and it seemed like life was
always out to get him, but now life was easy and that he never really
had to struggle with sin any more. Baba, far from being pleased, said
that he almost cried-- that it was one of the saddest things that he
had ever heard. For it meant that this man was no longer doing
anything worthwhile for the Kingdom, for the Devil had decided that he
was no threat and that there was very little room for God to move in
this man's life. For God proves himself in adversity, and purifies us
with suffering. Baba prays that he will never know a life where he
does not have to continually go down on his knees to beg God for the
strength and the ability to persevere."

You know that you are in a real and true community of believers when your friends step up and feed you when you need food, take you out when you need to get fresh air, and give you a car when yours is shitting up on you, and give you a floatie to keep you from going under when the monsters in the lake smell blood.

Today is Thursday and it is a new day. Chris Rice says, "What were you doing while I dreamt the night away? Cause I can tell that something's different and my eyes ain't even open yet." I woke up today to a new peace and the warmth of a loving God. There are days that don't seem to end. And there are some you wish wouldn't. The truth, however, is that they all do. The good and the bad. And God remains involved, loving, caring, and good.

PLUS! XMen III tonigth at midnight! what can I say? I'm a little kid!


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