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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


For several weeks we have looked at the idea of community at Watermark; first Kobby shared and helped us paint a picture of what the first century church looked like, then RJ guided us through a discussion of love as the fruit that comes out of the church when it is as God intended it to be. If there is something that Watermark as a community has a pretty stable understanding of, it is how to live as a community of love, and spending three weeks on the subject seems a bit much, however, when we continue into the book of Acts and follow with almost all of the letters, or epistles, of the New Testament we see that soon after Christ's resurrection problems arose that threatened the continued beauty of the loving Christian church.

What are some of those things that could set us in the wrong direction? How do we continue to love one another? How do we learn to love more? In reality, if we think we are doing everything right at Watermark, then we have some serious issues to deal with. How exciting would it be if we all thought about our little Watermark family, where we do look like that Church that Kobby painted for us, where we do act out the love that RJ shared with us, and and sought to figure out how to grow more in that direction.

This Sunday we will be looking at some tough passages in Scripture and taking a hard look at ourself and, hopefully, find the grace and hope that God pours over us.

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