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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

spring break

It sounds great to say that I took a week off to spend in Miami and the Keys but the problem that I have, and I find increasing similarities with Caleb, is that we cannot go somewhere where there is a need and walk on by for a snapshot at Hemingway's house. Just around the corner of Hemingway's Key West house, was a church which had been so badly damaged from the hurricanes this year that parts of their interior were still exposed. Caleb and I helped.

Things always lead to another, as I found out on the Apprentice tonight, and we ended leading a few Bible classes.

In sad news, Pepi got voted off the Apprentice last night. Caleb and I were at his house, hanging out with not only him, but one of the other Apprentices also, Sean. It was a really fun time with the whole family, and we all could tell that things were not looking good for Pepi throughout the show. But to sit and hang out with him and Sean and all their family was brilliant and such a truly unique experience.

Today I am taking Caleb on the one and only Tour of Miami. So we are getting ready to head out now. But before I's one last image for you to sit and be jealous of.


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