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Monday, June 12, 2006

so much to say and so few words

I am so tired. A lot has been happening. Coffee Pub is about have some movement...finally. Construction should begin by the end of this week. Last Thrusday all the the paperwork was submitted and we were given the green light for our permiting. Now we wait the few more days to get the actual permit. I am making some great new friends and getting even closer to some not old but not new ones also. A friend, who has spent the past 5 years in Gainesville and the past 6 months working on a cruise ship on the west coast, may be moving to Tallahassee, if things work out as they should. This past weekend I slept 0 hours on Saturday and 2 hours on Sunday morning.

My body is exhausted, but things are just picking up. I may fly to Miami this weekend to pick up my parents Camry which will be new set of wheeels.

That, I believe, is all that is new. Please pray for me to trust God more and more every day that goes by as that is being tested.


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