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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Dragon Room

As I sit in my office today taking small sips of my cortadito (miniturized Cafe con Leche) I cannot help but feel overwhelmed by the prospect of moving one step closer to the Coffee Pub. If I had a blogging audience, no one would probably know what the Coffee Pub is since I have not mentioned it before on here, but the Coffee Pub is a coffee shop that I am starting as a ministry of a new church in Tallahassee called watermark. Yesterday I met with the realtor of this amazing building, huge building, which used to be called the Dragon Room, a former Chinese Restaurant, and toured it. Although I had to duck around the bugs which now swarm the place after the last tenant closed the door and walked away a year ago, leaving behind refrigerators full of food and freezers full of ice cream, I walked into what I began to envision as the most exciting place I have entered since I started looking for vacancies in Tallahassee. I have been excited about places before, but none like this. And the best part is that if this works out, it is ALL God, because watermark surely cannot afford the $1,000,000 price tag they have on that building.

The realtor sounded excited when we told him what we wanted to do, and I do not believe that it is because he is one of the billions of Baptists in town. I don't think he's a church goer at all, but the idea of a new tenant, who he knows would treat the place well, like a church, and the fact that it will finally go off the market, really appealed to him. We'll hear back in a few days. Until then, pray please.


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