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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

a recent update on thoughts and life

The past few months have brought many new experiences. Some are etched into my mind (or my skin) and others will fade with each passing day. This new years brings about two major changes for me. A month after opening the Coffee Pub I have a new schedule; a new opportunity for me to learn what I discovered in Miami in December, that I do not know how to rest. It is a learning process, for sure, but a new year and new schedule allow for me to discover a renewed sense of life in God and in my own skin; a chance to feel alive again.

Alongside those new things that seem to infiltrate the mentality of everyone's "new" year, I have the loss of someone who has, for for the past four months, been a constant presence of hope and patience and love and caring in my sea of chaos that has been my life. Jackie and I began dating and things seemed great. But it ended on Sunday night.

Apparently, my realization that I needed to learn how to escape an addiction to work was not solely felt by me. The next stage in my life is focused on seeking out a union of my mind with the heart of God, to find peace and happiness alone.


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