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Thursday, July 28, 2005

small groups

Tomorrow we embark on the start of watermark small groups; and not just small groups, but I have decided to co-lead a youth small group. I have many concerns right now. Most of the kids interested are KUMC youth...are they committing to wm? or are they just looking for another social event? Is it going to be more than another social event, or are these youth's faith going to be challenged and grown? Are they going to be accepting of others who come? Non-Christians? Would non-christians even be interested in coming? If it takes off, what will we do? We only have 1 small group for youth and if we start off with 15 kids, thats not a small group anymore.

I want it to be challenging. I dont want to get together and watch movies. I want to get into Scripture and hear what these teens are thinking about God. I want them to learn from each other, to learn from James, to learn from me, and to learn from God. I will know tomorrow how it goes.

Ask me then.


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