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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

and this is how my days on the road began...

We embark. Finally. And today I started. I drove to Georgia today for boiled peanuts. Why? They have them at Publix. I will tell you. Nothing, I repeat, nothing is more exciting than living from moment to moment. A few years ago on Veteran's Day, my best friend Aly and I went to the Keys to watch the sunset and eat key lime pie. Yes the sky was cloudy and the place we stopped at didnt have a great Key Lime Pie...but that's how we should live. So today I went to Georgia for boiled peanuts and tomorrow I go to New Orleans, the Mississippi River, and Texas. And I am going to wear my "Don't Mess with Florida" Tshirt. OK, so I don't have one, but maybe I'll make one. The point is, tomorrow my roomate Michael and I will drive west, like so many men before us, and what we will encounter is God. How can I say such cheesey things? It's true. Because Michael and I make it a point to find God. And He probably won't be in Texas, but I'm damn sure He'll be in the Mississippi!

and after this weekend my map will look like this:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoyed it & marked it for later. Have a small site about Agent Orange it covers mesotheleomia is NOT linked to cancers associated with Agent Orange which is obvious, but it happened to me and I wanted to write about it.---Jack---

11:32 PM  
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Blogger Meagan said...

Hey here's your first real comment:) I have a shirt that says "Don't mess with Montana". I like it a lot. Caroline has one too, if you want to jack it for your trip. I saw them at a drugstore out here and had to get one. This is mostly because I think people from Texas care way too much about their country, and because really, you shouldn't mess with Montana. We have grizzly bears. Lots of them. Grrr.

8:00 PM  
Blogger Adam said...

I was born in Mississippi, you know...

7:59 AM  

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