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Thursday, June 15, 2006

what keeps me up

I have this bad habit of thinking I'm everyones father. I wake up in the middle of the night, most nights, to get a drink of water, and I always double check the lights and the door locks. I have ever since moving away to college. I check on my roomates too sometimes, to make sure that they weren't silently kidnapped in the middle of the night. When my friends are struggling through issues, I tend to suffer with them. I wouldn't say this is bad, I mean, its empathy, and I think its a Christlike characteristic, but it is possible, I believe, to worry too much for others.

Please pray for me that God teaches me how to care for others with his love; to suffer when they suffer and to rejoice when the rejoice, but not to be consumed by any of it. Also pray for me that I might become a better example and that the ways in which I have messed up and lead people astray from wise decisions be forgiven and changed within me. Pray that God admonishes me in those areas.


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