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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Isn't She Beautiful - Day 2 - Session 2

Becoming the Church
Neighborhoods of hope in a culture of despair

What does it look like to mobilize the church? How can I join in to what God is already doing in our world?

Case Study –
With the first couple who are living together, the group had great intentions, but missed the story, and blew it by driving them away.

We are people of a great story. We’re on journey. Scripture says to be prepared to give an answer for the hope within us, but it seems no one is asking. It appears that our story isn’t a great story.

Consumer Church – If it is just a check we send then we are missing the compassion and the relationship with those we are supposed to be loving. Its not a matter of just fixing but joining.

Egypt – Babylon – Rome – global consumerism
all are empires

subversive organization – al qaeda, black panthers, hells angels, green peace, plow shares, amnesty international

Al Qaeda – young boys in poverty with broken families are taken in, given food, shelter, education, training, and a story. Then they are trained and mobilized to act out there purpose.
What if the Church was like this?

Extreme Home Makeover – this is church better than most of us. They tell peoples stories.

We need to show people that they are part of a story.

Moses – enters the covenant relationship with God then ends up drunk and naked.
Abraham – enters the relationship and then pimps out his wife…twice
David – adultery, murder
Paul chooses Timothy, who’s father was Greek and would not have even been allowed to study.

If we’re to be a gift to the world then we need to find our own story. We need to experience the transformational power of Jesus in my own heart if I want to share that with someone else.
We are people who are more about fixing than joining.

Posture –
Job – his friends sit with him for 7 days. Then his friends start talking and trying to FIX Job, when they were doing better when they sat there silently.

“Adopt a Family”
does that imply equality? No. it implies a top-down relationship.

Reclaim “neighbor” as noun
And “neighboring” as verb

Neighbor is location and vocation.

All the law and prophets…lean toward this…love your neighbor as yourself

Ephesians 3:20; Paul is calling us to interdependent imagination. It flows out of interdependent love.

By 2025, whites will make up less than 50%.
We live in a new sub-urban world.

Justice is most always married to relationships and injustice is most always divorced from relationships.

Reclaim a theology of Place
Proximity is central to mission. We need neighbors who will reclaim where they live as followers of Jesus. All the law and prophets leans on loving its neighbors.

Neighborhood network – church in, to, or with
Connecting people who live near each other to share the needs in their neighborhood.

Are we a church in a community? A church to the community? Or are we a church with our community? Reclaiming the dignity of their community.

From betterment to EMPOWERMENT

Mitzvoth – simple small actions. Significant teaming up with God.

Mission Continuum
Progression toward (away from self)
Not Linear
Awareness ‡ experimentation ‡ investment ‡ stewardship
Others ‡ posture ‡ capacity ‡ sustainability
Experimentation doesn’t mean hours upon hours. Just a few hours will help.

From a Pastoral model to a Missional model

Lets watch the news closely. Reclaim the Parish!
Focusing for impact
Use the agencies that exist to mobilize people
Measure impact not numbers

3 issues in Grand Rapids that Mars Hill is backing

What would they be in Tallahassee?


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