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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Isn't She Beautiful - Day 2 - Session 3

The Absolute Necessity of Endlessly Reclaiming Your Innocence

Barundi – poorest nation.
Turami – Microfinance project

Numbers 15; God commands the people to attatch tassels to the corners of their robes.

Tzit tzit – tassels. To remind you of the covenant we have made to God. 5 knots for the books of Moses, 4 spaces fr the letters of Gods name.

Malachai – he will rise with healing in his “knaf”(wings, robe)

Stop talking and do it. If you are afraid, hold onto the tassels.

Maybe we need to return to our call. Lets be born again. Maybe we need healing. Grab onto the knaf.

Hoopah – canopy, a bride and groom would stretch the prayer shawl over the couple as a reminder that God hovers over his people.

James – if anyone is sick or weary, let the elders anoint you with oil.

Worship Band played during Communion and prayer


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