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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

watermark...week 2

so watermark has had 2 Worship Gatherings so far. We meet at 5:30 pm on Sundays at a friend's dance studio on Tennessee St and Meridian. Week 1 went well, although we noted things to change from then on. Week 2 was fun. Still things to work on, but it was so exciting to worship God in such a fresh way. Here are some pictures...

This is the setup we had. It is "in the round" so that no one is standing on a stage and we are all inward focused.

Around the room were 7 different prayer stations which went with the John 17 passage we were looking into.

Here, we prayed for the nations and marked the map on the nations that we are praying for.

This was a confessional station where we took one of the stones and wrote out our confession on it then dropped it into thevase with water to represent God's forgiveness.

This was a candle lighting station. It served as a reminder that when we speak to God he is always present and that our prayers are always lifted up and heard.

I still cannot believe that God has given me this opportunity to work for Him. For years it has been my prayer to help create a place where people could come and worship God without all the frustrations that I've dealt with in the church. I wanted a place where it seemed Jesus found me and I didn't have to rely on myself to find Him. And here I am...opportunity in my lap. God is amazing.