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Sunday, February 17, 2008

community again

isn't this the theme!

My thoughts are consumed by the Saints and the idea of community and how they all work together. I've looked at what the Bible says about the idea of community, I've discussed at length with friends and my "community" about it, but I wonder what the Saints have to say. How does it all tie together?

The idea of purpose also ties into these thoughts. I try very hard to listen to the Spirit and follow its leading. I believe that my decisions are driven by a specific purpose. Sometimes they gain the support of others, family, friends, but other times I can only trust the leading I feel and I have to choose to not listen to the influences around me.

Maybe this all stems from a desire to feel satisfaction. But can our restless spirits ever be truly satisfied? I have a friend that seems to not find satisfaction in almost anything he does. He thinks that a move will change things, that different people will change things, that throwing himself full force in something that seems satisfying will change things, but they eventually lose their excitement and he is left seeking that sense of satisfaction and purpose again. How many of us are like that? When will we find it? Or when will we be satisfied with whatever God brings our way?

Perhaps the problem is in the question. Maybe we are wrong in seeking satisfaction. Maybe when the Bible tells us to live today in fullness we are to do just that. If everything is just for a season and change is inevitable perhaps that is why we are to seek satisfaction in Christ and not in our possessions or our relationships or our position.

But what is the correct way to go about seeking this total satisfaction in Christ without those other things? I can understand not being driven by wealth, but how do beings that were created for community seek satisfaction in Christ without the others that he created us to be in community with?

My prayer tonight is that I will be full of joy in everything; in my job, in my school, in my friendships, relationships, community. I pray that the love of Christ will flow through me and that in all things I can claim what the old hymn claims, that "It is well with my soul".

May you too seek and find the peace of God and the joy that comes through Him, and may all things be well with your soul.

Goodnight friends.


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