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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Silver Chair

A few days ago I finished reading "The Silver Chair" by C.S. Lewis. It is book 4 in the Chronicles of Narnia series. At the risk of being beaten by everyone who considers themselves to be a Christian, I will make the claim publicly that I am not all that enthralled by Lewis' writing. The voice of the narrator is, to me, etremely distracting; but that is not the point of this blog.

There was a scene early on in the story that captured me. Jill Pole has wandered through the woods after Eustace has been blown away by Aslan. She, of course has not met Aslan yet, but as she approaches a river she sees the great Lion sitting on the other bank of the river. She is terrified and frozen in her place. Internally she struggles with the fear of being face to face with a lion who could tear her to shreds and her physical (spiritual?) need to drink water. Her thirst grows and she senses that hours have passed but she doesn't dare move lest the lion attack. Finally Aslan speaks to her and tells her is she is thirsty she should drink.

This image has captured me because there is something about seeing Jill and Aslan face to face; Aslan waiting for her to accept his invitation to drink and Jill's struggle with trying to take control of the situation. It reminds me of God standing by the door waiting for us to knock. We sometimes hold back for numerous reasons, maybe we're not ready to come face to face with the Creator who knows our hearts or maybe sometimes it is easier to stay out in the cold. There is a song that's lyrics read, "Flames are not what get you burned/It's the cold and the ice/Here's a piece of advice that I got from a little bird/The flames can get you stirred/It's the cold that leaves you shaken."

What I have seen is that this image is not left to stories and a far-off God. Sometimes friends stand by and wait for that phone call, that text. Maybe we just don't want to deal with what we think the reaction on the other end of the line will be, like Jill afraid the Lion will attack. But the cost of not making that call could be dying of thirst.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You sound pretty bitter man... try looking for the good in things and people and not always being so bitter and judgmental at other Christians - it will make you miserable.
BTW - have you read other CS Lewis books? You might be more enthralled by his writing if you read some adult books (the Silver Chair and others in the series are kids books)

10:51 PM  
Blogger Michael Anthony said...

I'm not bitter. In fact, that scene was encouraging and uplifting. It reminded me of a God who is in love with us and patiently waiting to receive us. I am in love with people, and deeply moved and encouraged by my Brothers and Sisters.

I have read other Lewis books. Again I wasn't a fan of his writing style in Mere Christianity, but I did greatly enjoy The Screwtape Letters. I am going to start The Great Divorce soon. I appreciate his mind and what he has to offer but can also wish for a "better" syle of writing, that's all.

Thanks for your thoughts though, and your advice. Curious who's behind the anonimity though. ;-)

11:03 PM  

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