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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Isn't She Beautiful - Day 1 - Q&A

Production vs Discipleship
We can do lots of things for a long time. But the Bible talks about marathons, not sprints. Whenever the crowds got larger and the work got more, the more Jesus withdrew.
It becomes an ego problem. Embrace our limits. We cannot do it all.

Sabbath is a gift from God. Not an obligation. “Sabbath” by Abraham Joshua Heschel. Do what brings you joy.

You’ll never find God in the big things if you don’t find God in the small things. Too often we go to the mountain to find God but we don’t live on the mountain.

When a big public moral problem happens its because there were cracks back in the past, and there was no place to openly be real about what the cracks are. When the cracks are kept quiet, they will grow. The big stuff started small. The new humanity says that a leader doesn’t have to be perfect…

A kingdom of priests. Any believer is a pastor. Is a minister. Has their own church out there in their lives. The building is just a gathering place.

1) Who is Jesus among you?
2) Why did he come to town?
3) How are we going to organize ourselves around that?

If you don’t know people who are in need, then you need to get to know those people who can help you get through the eye of a needle. Don’t just send them checks.

You cant drag a person where they don’t want to go. You cannot push a community to become passionate about something they have no passion for. On a large scale and on a small scale, it is the same.

If you don’t have elders then you should groan with your congregation (Romans 8) about what you are missing.

Cause – Congregation – Corporation
Need all 3.
Cause-Corporation = Missions org.
Corp – Congregation = Mega church


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