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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Isn't She Beautiful - Day 2 - On Preaching

On Preaching…
How can Monday come with Sunday staring you in the face?

Buckets, Chunks, and Marinade:
Buckets is a folder with all sorts of thoughts, ideas, questions, scripture that I don’t understand
Chunks is what happens to those buckets when they start to grow and become something that preaches.
Marinade. Don’t preach something that hasn’t been marinating for months.

Are there any key words?
Logos – program that looks up origins, etc.
Do these words have pictures or images that could help bring light to the text?
Is there any physical object in the text that would bring to light aspects of the text?
Are there any people? When we first meet Jacob he is dressed up like his brother and when hes asked who he is he says, Im Esau. Years later, hes broken , been on the run, and he just wrestled with some angelic being, and hes asked his name again…Im Jacob.
Where is the first mention of this in the Bible?
Are there concepts or truths that are in other areas?

We need to move from having to say something to having something to say.

Word fl------------------------------------------------‡ Flesh
Jesus didn’t come to abolish the words, he came to show us what those words look like with flesh and bone put to those words. Around us are living examples of the text.
Action fl------------------------------------------------‡ Awareness
Are we balancing action and awareness?

Reading of text. Stories. Pointed Questions. Reflective Questions. Rant. There are so many different dimensions to a teaching.


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