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Thursday, July 13, 2006

let the games begin

I am overwhelmed with the realization that the Coffee Pub is happening. Today the signs around the Coffee Pub were put up. Our name is up on the Manor @ Midtown(e) sign. People are stopping when they see us to ask when we will be open; that they are waiting and are excited.

I stood inside the Pub today and looked out the front doors at the logo which now graces our entrance and I "saw" everything. It was real. I felt like I was in a real coffee shop, not just an empty building.

So not only is there the excitement of the signage coming up, but the plumbing guys are "scheduled" to go in today and tear up the concrete to start laying pipe. (Yea, I said laying pipe).

I will be updating with photos much more often. Also check out our MySpace page.


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