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Monday, July 24, 2006

atl and then some.

Over the past two weeks, many things have happened that have been blogworthy. I have neglected this right of mine to blog.

But, still, God is at work. He is allowing for things to get difficult and smoothing out some other areas.

I went to Atlanta last week to hear the teachings of Rob Bell. It was going to be a double awesome thing because Shannon was supposed to meet up with us. Unfortunately, she was busy trying to finalize school board stuff in Atlanta and wasn't able to join us. Rob Bell, in the meantime, was phenomenal. He talked about String Theory and Quantum Physics. It was a mind numbing evening. In his teaching he spoke of the difference between the knowledge of our minds and what we do with it in our hearts. His words spread throughout my life. This doesn't simply apply to a spiritual level, but to everything; our relationships with people we "love", etc.

Our minds are capable of knowing a lot, but when that knowledge doesn't translate to our hearts, doesn't drive us to take action, then it is meaningless and we are not being the complete beings that God created us to be. If how we love others IS how we love God, then there should be a much deeper connect between the things our mind knows, the words that we say, and the actions that we take. At the same time, if we know what God wants from us or does not want from us, and we continue to do the opposite, then we do not love God. There is a respect and obedience that is required when dealing with the God of the universe. The same God who came up with String Theory and Quantum Physics is involved in our lives, and to ignore what we know is His love and guidance, is to walk away from the reality of that God; it is to break all law of science and nature, and life itself.

It is exciting to realize that the God who is involved in the details is also involved in the big picture of things. But it also incredible to realize that we are capable of drawing ourselves closer to God by taking action in the things and places we know He is working. And if how we love others is how we love God, then I pray that I start loving others a whole lot more.


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